Location Maps

Location maps are specialised maps dedicated to finding a specific location, showing how to go from here to there in the clearest possible way, with information directly relevant to a specific journey such as recognisable landmarks, points of interest , petrol stations, hotels and any other hint helpful along the way.

In one sense, a location map is a stripped down version of a normal map because there is no need to show every road in the area, only the ones leading to the intended destination. In a good location map all the roads lead to you. In another sense it is also an more detailed than a normal map as it is useful to have as much extra information as possible to guide visitors, sometimes down to specific road signs at key junctions.

Location maps are also the result of a collaborative process between cartographers and clients. Cartographers at Business Maps have designed thousand of maps in close consultation with clients for virtually any type of location, from professional firms in large city centre to holiday cottages in remote and isolated countryside.

This dialogue is crucial to designing a successful location map and clients often supply us with existing diagram or travel directions as a guide to what they want to achieve with their new map. Similarly feedback from visitors who were not familiar with the area before they used the location map is very important. Visitors' comments allow to improve continuously a location map and this is why Business Maps offers a 3 year free update guaranty on all its location maps. No questions asked.

Location maps are usually a combination of several maps at different scales to show how to go from the motorway network to you local streets. This integrated approach gives your visitors all the information they need in a well organised single document. A dedicated location map is a custom-designed map with one goal in mind, helping first time visitors find their destination quickly and easily.