What are business maps?


When business maps are understood as the equivalent of your business cards it becomes clear that they are just as much a part of your corporate identity as your letter heads or corporate brochure.

Business maps show where you are but they also who you are and how much you care about making in easy for visitors to find you effortlessly. Your business map an be intended for business contacts coming for a meeting at your offices or for future employees coming for an interview. In both cases making that all important first impression is critical and your business map is crucial to achieve this objective.

There is a misconception that map search engines like Google maps can act as business maps. Can you assume that your visitors will be happy to spend valuable time zooming in and out to figure the best way to travel to your offices and then print multiple pages of maps at different scales? Isn?t it far better to give them a business map containing all the relevant information they need in a single document presented in keeping with the rest of your corporate information.

This is why each business map is different as it reflects your own corporate style: logo, colour scheme and fonts but also your unique visitors' profile.  If you are a regional firm of solicitors or accountants or a company head office your business map will be quite different. In one case you visitors will already have a good idea of where you are and need mainly local information. In the other case your business map will need to inform visitors arriving at an international airport of how to use the motorway network to get to your offices.

The same reasoning applies if you are a national retailer with a large network of stores or branches. The business map of a town centre convenience store is very different from the business map of a courier company with most of its depot in suburban industrial areas.